This is officially my first blog post. I want to welcome everybody to my website. I am really excited about being able to connect with each and every one of you that have the goal of being fit and healthy, and I  will try my best to show you everything I know about exercise, nutrition and health. There will be new videos each week posted on the website and YouTube. Full workout videos, videos of my super foods and how to prepare them to taste delicious, and videos about health. I will share personal stories about past health issues. From anorexia and depression, to severe allergies, pancreatitis and digestive problems. How I overcame all of that with proper nutrition and drastic lifestyle changes.
So if I did it, you can do it too. You can lose weight;  you can gain muscle; you can improve your athletic performance; you can learn a new sport; and you can better your health. It is never too late.  All you need is a ginormous desire to make your dreams reality, believe in your self and never accept failure as an option. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. We have the commodity of freedom and making choices in our lives. And those choices can tremendously make a difference. A good one, or a bad one. Why don't you start today by making one new choice that will make a small difference...


03/13/2012 9:04am

please contact me, I am seeking personal trainers for my boxing studio and would like to speak with you in reference to a potential opportunity. thanks


03/18/2012 5:25pm

Bulletbody rocks! Cool celery pic!!!

03/25/2012 3:11pm

After a year of small choices, everyone would be in a vastly different position. I like the idea! Great post!

P.S. You should have an "Ask the Trainer" section of the website where you answer one question a week. I think it'd be good addition.

03/30/2012 2:24pm

Paige, "Ask The Trainer" section is a great idea. ;) I will definitely do that.

05/02/2012 2:33am

Julijana, you are such an amazing unique soul. I started reading from your blog tonight and came gradually to the very first blog you have posted, and wanted to congratulate you for your amazing passion and drive which reaches out to us, and for the stamina you have at pushing us to reach our maximum health/fitness potential. I pray that you will continue to be the down to earth passionate person even when you reach really high heights in your career which I am sure you are/will. Let's live life with a purpose :)) big applaud to you my new mentor

05/02/2012 5:13pm

Renata, thank you so much for your compliments and support. :)
My purpose is to help everyone the best I can to get a healthy, strong body, the one we were born with! :)

11/01/2012 10:00pm

Hello there!! I am glad I stumbled upon you on youtube and found your website. You are an inspiration(especially your rear!). Before today, I normally go to to check our their daily workouts but as time goes by, the bodyrocker that used to post daily workouts is gone. Now they have other people, whom, to me, are not inspirational at all. Yes she has a nice body but she does have a lot of plastic surgery! I like you because you are real and obviously are trying to change your body by not going under the knife. Please stay this way!!


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    Hi everybody! My name is Julijana and I am an ex-pro in basketball, and certified fitness professional.
    Having an extensive fitness background and passion for sports, I have decided to share my secrets for getting fit and staying fit.
    Also from personal experience, I have learned that being fit, doesn't always cut it. Nourishing your body with proper nutrients is extremely important for overall well-being. That is why I will show you how to eat healthy and about all the super foods you should consume on a daily basis.
     I will write weekly posts on this  blog. Please don't be shy to engage in the conversation as I am very open to new ideas and love hearing different opinions. Hopefully this blog will serve its purpose well and we all learn from each other. :)